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The Ship That Never Was, Round Earth Company | Review

The Ship That Never Was is the true story of a group of convicts who stole a ship and successfully escaped imprisonment on Tasmania’s notorious Sarah Island to Chile in 1834.

It’s pantomime at its best, 75min of glorious chaos well worth experiencing.

White Pearl, Sydney Theatre Company | Review

There’s theatre that’s easy to watch, and theatre that’s difficult to watch. And whether it is easy or difficult is completely different to whether it is good or bad.

White Pearl is difficult to watch. But it’s great theatre.

Lady Windermere’s Fan, Genesian Theatre | Review

Lady Windermere’s Fan is an energetic portrayal of Oscar Wilde’s first big hit. Director Jess Davis’ adaptation of this Bridgerton/Gossip Girl-type story of the scandalous lives of London’s elite is an entertaining production.

The Spook, New Theatre | Review

It’ll have you laughing, crying and sitting on the edge of your seat from beginning to end – but it’s up to you to say whether it’s because of what’s happening on stage, or because of what New Theatre’s ‘The Spook’ says about Australia’s political future.

Hamlet, Bell Shakespeare | Review

Don’t have time to read the full review? Click here for a quick summary of the who, what, where and wine of this production. In […]

Alice Birbara, Chef, Kings Cross Theatre KXT Bakehouse

Chef, Virginia Plain Theatre | Review

Wearing chef’s whites on top and grey trackpants on the bottom, Chef admires a ripe peach and wonders why anyone would try to improve something rendered perfect in nature

Taz vs The Pleb, Rogue Projects, Flight Path Theatre | Review

With a stage adorned in bubblegum pink and blue and an Australia Post Box, characters that are both endearing and enraging, and a timely political plot that belongs as much in 2022 as it did in 2017, Taz vs The Pleb is a story that deserves to be heard.

SIX The Musical | Review

SIX the Musical is a cheesy and sassy and utterly euphoric show, unapologetically harnessing the wonderful elements of feminism and femininity young women are so often criticised for as the source of its immense strength and global success – pop music, sparkles, and the slightly heavy-handed messages of female empowerment.

Girl from the North Country | Review

e’s a certain feel that imbues the classic American story. Nostalgia for the long-lost American dream, big skirts and gruff men, and people of all different races and class cohabitating peacefully create a fantasy of a time that never was – one that was simpler, kinder. Bette


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