Negotiation Tactics for the Weak Willed, Shopfront Arts Co-Op | Review

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A hilarious Ted Talk spoof with some important underlying messages, Kevin Tran’s Negotiation Tactics for the Weak Willed is the play you didn’t know you needed to see.

Clad in sweaters befitting The Wiggles, exaggerated smiles and wide, welcoming arms, Gen Papadopoulos, Kirsty Saville, Jack Taylor and Samuel Chapman are determined to help you – but as tension rises during their presentation, they need you to do as they say, and not as they do.

Tran makes hilarious use of cliches and slapstick comedy, while also managing to incorporate some important scenes on mental health and integrity. The cast play up every seminar trope they can, from excessive eye contact, getting the crowd to clap and dance, and providing scenarios with cheesy scripts, and they absolutely sell it! The introduction of tension in the group is a fun subplot that adds some depth to the comedy, and had the audience rolling in their seats.

At a tight 40 minute run-time, it’s a short sharp, highly enjoyable display of Sydney’s emerging theatre talent, both on stage and in the wings.

Wine Pairing | Pinot Grigio

Your basic white girl wine (not a knock, I’m a white girl and I love it), pinot grigio is one of the most versatile white wine varietals. Whether you have fish, charcuterie or spice, pinot grigio will always come to the table to negotiate.

My Pick: McGuigan Black Label Pinot Grigio

Dry, crisp and only $8, this pinot grigio is great value for money and won’t break the bank. Nuff said. Enjoy!

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Negotiation Tactics for the Weak Willed, Shopfront Arts Co-Op | Tasting Notes

Aussie Season11-14 August, Shopfront Arts Co-Op
Ticket $$15-25
WriterKevin Tran
DirectorKevin Tran
Theatre Type & GenreComedy, Spoof
See it if you likeTed Talks and making fun of Ted Talks
Other Infoproduced as part of Shopfront Arts Co-Op’s member competition, which grants the winner the opportunity to stage an original production.
Wine PairingPinot Grigio
Criteria for Wine Pairingcrisp, light, versatile
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