360 ALLSTARS, Onyx Productions | Review

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High energy from beginning to end, this ‘urban circus’ showcases the talents of BMX, basketball, breakdancing, acrobatics, drumming and more in this family-friendly show.

360 ALLSTARS offers a fun, dynamic performance that keeps the kids entertained through colourful graphics, upbeat music and exciting stunts. And while the kids are enjoying the entertaining song lyrics and comedic flairs each cast member brings to their own ‘circus’ act, parents will marvel at the genuine talent being showcased onstage.

The set-up mirrors guerrilla dance movies of the early 2000s – think Step Up and similar, with our MC Mirrah and master percussionist Gene Peterson on podiums standing over our urban circus ring. Mirrah is a captivating character, guiding us through the circus with enthusiasm, rapid-fire raps and positive vibes. As each world-class performer takes their turn on stage, all holding a world record or title in their chosen skillset, we’re treated to dance battles, freestyle basketball tricks, bike tricks and jumps, and an ensemble act combing all of the skillsets in one dizzying array that keeps your eyes glued to the stage right to the explosive end.

Dancers Bboy Sette and Bboy Leerok are standouts of the show, performing both breakdances and acrobatics and frequently jumping onstage in-between acts to keep the audience pumped up. Bavo Delbeke also puts on a great show with his basketball freestyling, injecting his personality and physical comedy into his time onstage.

Watching 360 ALLSTARS was truly a joyful experience, partly because of the performers onstage but mostly because of just how much fun all of the children in the audience were clearly having for the whole 60 minutes. One piece of advice for parents: if the theatre is offering booster seats, take them. A lot of the moves are performed close to the ground, so any extra height in the stall is definitely an advantage. If your seats are far from the stage, binoculars wouldn’t be a bad shout – you don’t want them to miss a moment of the action!

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360 ALLSTARS, Onyx Productions | Tasting Notes

Aussie Season11 to 14 Apr 2023, Riverside Theatres Parramatta, Sydney
Ticket $$31-49
Theatre Type & Genrecircus, family friendly
Wine Pairingno wine pairing – it’s for the whole family!