Love from a Stranger, Genesian Theatre | Review

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Cecily is tired of the daily monotony of her work and engagement. She craves adventure! So when she wins the sweepstakes with her friend Mavis and meets Bruce, a charming American who promises to give her everything her fiancé won’t, she jumps at the opportunity for a new, perfect life. But is it too good to be true? And can she unravel the mystery in time?

I love Agatha Christie stories. Give me a loveable but gullible protagonist, some quirky friends and family, a wicked plot and a last-minute hero’s victory, and you can bet I’m watching, reading or listening to it. The Genesian Theatre’s production of Love from a Stranger, adapted by Frank Vosper from the Christie original story and directed by Tui Clark, is a great instalment of the genre.

Emilia Kriketos, a regular on the Genesian stage, charms as lead Cecily. Kimberlea Smith and Matt Doherty cheerfully embrace their characters of best friend Mavis and jilted fiancé Nigel, their verbal sparring a fun side-show to the mystery at hand. And no whodunnit is complete without affable household staff, in this case Rod Stewart as doddering groundskeeper Hodgson.

Staging is impressive, with floor to ceiling cream walls creating a striking visual impact. The costuming is period-perfect for the 1920s, complete with flapper dresses and three-piece suits.

Love from a Stranger had the audience laughing and gasping in all the right moments, complete with a highly satisfying conclusion – go along to a show and see if you can solve the mystery first!

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Pinot Noir | Wine Pairing

A good Pinot Noir is light on the palate without sacrificing the depth of flavour that leads people to choose a red over a white. A playful combination fitting for an Agatha Christie romp!

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This alluring, scarlet drop from Paracombe vineyards has pleasant spice notes, flavours of cherry, strawberry, jasmine and forest floor, and delicate tannins. Well balanced and very tasty.

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Love from a Stranger, Genesian Theatre | Tasting Notes

Aussie Season14 Jan to 18 Feb 2023, Genesian Theatre, Sydney NSW
Ticket $$30-35
WriterAgatha Christie, adapted by Frank Vosper
DirectorTui Clark
Theatre Type & GenrePlay, murder mystery
See it if you likea good old-fashioned whodunnit
Other Info
Wine PairingPinot Noir
Criteria for Wine PairingRed fruit, light body, some texture