Jumpers for Goalposts, New Theatre | Review

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Jumpers for Goalposts is the theatre equivalent of your favourite feel-good sports movie; a charming and joyful story of football and friendship.

Off the field, team Barely Athletic are wildly different people. Publican Viv, too bossy to play with the Lesbian Rovers, is channelling all her energy into a winning season, while Jo her brother-in-law is consumed by grief over the loss of his wife, Viv’s sister. Beardy Geoff is a busker with dreams of becoming a gay icon, while his friend Danny and his crush Luke are struggling with some early obstacles in their relationship. But when the whistle blows, they come together as and take Hull’s local LGBTQI+ amateur league by storm – and slowly, they help each other find their way.

This is such a sweet comedy, and the audience thought so too – we were giggling, ‘aww-ing’ and gasping throughout. Nick Curnow and Emma Louise have great familial chemistry as Joe and Viv, while Beardy Geoff is a loveable schmuck, and Luke and Danny are just loveable. Together they navigate grief, fear and face down multiple variations of discrimination and violence many in the LGBTQIA+ experience. And they do it all while giving each other brutal, mostly well-meaning feedback on their ability to pass the ball and score goals.

The set is as dingy and old as any changerooms I’ve been in, from the grime on the windows to the scratched-up benches. Bringing the whole thing home though is the costumes, which through the story change from individual athletic wear to proper uniforms, complete with nicknames that show just what a family the five become by the end.

An endearing tale of sport’s ability to provide an escape from everyday troubles and bring people together through sweat, trophies and a bit of banter.

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Mourvèdre Rosé | Wine Pairing

Rosé is fruity, fun and flirty, the type of wine I would gladly crack open with my team after a sporting win – or loss! Mourvèdre grapes make a particularly tasty Rosé because of their strong, bold flavours which include red and black plums, blackberry, violet flowers, black pepper and some savoury notes.

My Pick: Samuel’s Gorge 2022 Mourvèdre Rosé, McLaren Vale, SA

One of my absolute favourite Rosés, this McLaren Vale drop is as dry as Viv, fruity as Beardy’s guitar, and thanks to the Mourvèdre grape, the depth and intensity of Danny and Luke’s blossoming relationship. It’s the wine equivalent of a breath of fresh air, and there’s never a bad time to pour it.

Purchase a bottle for $30 here.

Jumpers for Goalposts, New Theatre | Tasting Notes

Aussie Season Feb to 4 Mar, New Theatre, Sydney NSW
Ticket $$22-35
WriterTom Wells
DirectorAlice Livingstone
Theatre Type & GenrePlay, Comedy
See it if you likeheartwarming stories of triumph through sport
Other Infoproduced as part of Sydney World Pride’s Pride Amplified program
Wine PairingMourvèdre Rosé
Criteria for Wine PairingMedium body, a mixture of fruit and prominent spice
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