TattleTales, Ponydog Productions, Flight Path Theatre | Review

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Tattletales is unlike anything you’ve seen before. If you enjoy suspending disbelief, delving into tarot and mystical arts and opening yourself up to unpredictability and improvisation, this is a show for you.

This one-man show has a rotating cast of two actors, Davey Seagle (who also directs) and Lachlan Ruffy, and who in their role as ‘The Storyteller’ guide us through a Dungeons and Dragons-eseque storytelling experience. The story they tell is wholly dependent on you, which adds a layer of excitement and investment in the performance you don’t find in more passive forms of theatre.

When you walk into the theatre, don’t go for the seats – for this performance we joining The Storytelling sitting on the floor onstage – the pillows are comfy but if you have any back issues feel free to ask for a chair. You, the audience and The Storyteller are all in the spotlight, and everything outside of your circle is shrouded in darkness while music reminiscent of Lord of the Rings tells you when to feel excited, apprehensive or peaceful.

Now I have to admit I was a bit sceptical. I’m not really into tarot and not used to being part of the story, so the idea that I would not only be in a very small audience – only 10 people can attend any one show – but also be in the spotlight was intimidating!

All my fears were unfounded though. Ruffy performed the night I attended and did a beautiful job facilitating our foray into improv and fantasy, and took great care to create a safe, fun and thoroughly unique experience for us all.

Ruffy’s improv chops are well developed and his confidence as he threads together your story is exceptional. In Tattletales he must adapt and evolve the plot to incorporate both input from 10 audience members and the symbolism of the tarot cards drawn throughout the performance. But he greets uncertainty like a old friend, revelling in the opportunities it gives him as a storyteller and converting the audience from a group of nervous strangers to active participants in the spontaneity of his performance.

What was my story, you ask? My group chose to place our tale in a warm and sunny climate with a medium-density population. When asked if magic existed in our world, we said an emphatic yes! What followed was a story of an authoritarian leader, his right-hand man who felt increasingly uneasy about his ruler’s cruelty, and a long-lost sorcerer son returning to save the realm. A power battle, the fall and redemption of the sorcerer and incredible sacrifice of the right-hand man ensued, with each of our tarot cards and ideas for our characters (I really wanted the sorcerer son to have a redemptive ark after temporarily going off the rails, for example) clearly and cleverly contributing to the plot and a very satisfying conclusion – all in the space of an hour!

Interactive theatre is something I think everyone should see at least once, and I bet like me you’ll end up wanting to go again. Tattletales a great one to choose for your next adventure, and I know I’m grateful for the experience.

Wine Pairing | Mead

My Pick: Maxwell Wines Honey Mead

It only seems right to pair a honey mead with Tattletales, as it plays an important role in setting the scene for every performance. This one by Maxwell Wines in SA is a staple of the varietal, with classic sweet notes of apricot and honey that roll around pleasantly in your mouth and a nuttiness that tempers the sugar enough to add depth and prevent it from becoming oversweet.

Buy it for $20 straight from the vineyard.

Tasting Notes

Aussie SeasonNov-Dec 18 2021, Flight Path Theatre
Ticket $$30-35
DirectorDavey Seagle
Theatre Type & Genreinteractive, improv, fantasy
See it if you likebeing an active participant in theatre, going outside your comfort zone, lord of the rings, tarot
Other Info
Wine PairingMead
Criteria for Wine PairingAcidic, fruity, aged, regionality